TRASH TALK: What can we do about marine debris? (Part 6)

There is no away. Even when you throw something has to go somewhere. Learn how to keep trash from becoming marine debris in the first place.



What can we do about marine debris?

A lot of the trash that's in our ocean is plastic, and that marine debris is hurting our environment, economy, and health. The problem will only get worse unless we change the way we consume and dispose of products.

Some people may say, well, I'm just one person, so I can't make a difference. But that's just not true! If each person who creates trash (and that's just about everyone) took action, it would add up to a lot of change.

There are solutions, and together, we can prevent litter from ending up in the ocean. So what can we do? Well, the ultimate solution is prevention, and we need to keep that as our highest priority. We can reduce, reuse, and recycle to keep debris out of the ocean in the first place. You can bring your own shopping bag, drink out of a reusable bottle, and participate in things like a shoreline cleanup. Join a group cleaning the beach, or grab some friends and clean up your street! It's easy. Be more conscious of how many disposable plastic items you're using, and if you do - where are you putting the recycling bin or the trash can?

So here's a challenge: the next time you finish using a throw-away item: a bag, bottle, or utensil, answer the question, “Where is this going?” Because ultimately when you throw stuff away, there really is no has to go somewhere.

So keep asking yourself this important question...How will you keep your trash from becoming marine debris?