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Hands On Activity Demo (Part 7)

This webinar provides activities for any group wanting to learn more about marine debris and have a little fun!


Ocean Today is premiering a 15-minute TRASH TALK special feature for World Ocean Day. It is specially designed to be part of your World Ocean Day festivities.

Watch the TRASH TALK Webinar for Educators

In addition to the special feature video, this webinar provides fun activities that you can organize after the film! It's a perfect event for museums, zoos, aquariums, learning centers and schools.

Featuring NOAA Marine Debris Program Educational Specialist Leah Henry, this fun and informative ten minute webinar provides a quick demonstration of hands on activities you can easily offer after you show the TRASH TALK special feature for your World Ocean Day event. Each activity requires props found at home or office and is easy to prepare.


Details of the highlighted activities discussed in the webinar are available below:

Ties That Bind - See Page 20

Eating Plastic is a Deadly Meal - See Page 7

Recycling Relay (PDF, 84 Kbs)

Trash Toss (self explanatory)

Top 10 Items Collected

Additional teaching resources can be found on the NOAA Marine Debris website.