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TRASH TALK - How To Help

Do your part to Refuse, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle


Ocean trash is a big problem. You can be part of the solution. The first thing you can do is help prevent your own trash from getting into the ocean in the first place.

It starts with the four Rs.

Refuse. Say "no, thanks" to single use or disposable items that you may not need.

Reuse. Find reusable versions of things you throw away often like produce bags.

Reduce. Reduce your waste when possible by buying items without packaging, buying used, or buying in bulk.

Recycle. Check your community's recycling rules to see what can be recycled.

Next, you can help pick up trash starting in your own backyard.

While picking up trash, you can be part of a global citizen science project. Search for the "Marine Debris Tracker" app and report the trash you find.

We can all make a difference and prevent marine debris. For more ways you can help, visit marinedebris.noaa.gov.