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Get started on your exploration to the dark, deep sea with host Symone Johnson.


Symone Johnson:

For marine science, the deep ocean is where the planet keeps its most hidden secrets. The ocean covers two-thirds of our planet, but we know more about Mars than the deep seas. Why is it important for us to explore the ocean? What new discoveries await scientists who dare to dive deep?

Remotely operated vehicles from NOAA’s research ships find whole new worlds of bizarre creatures and alien ecosystems. Some that might be crucial habitats for seafood species. Some that could teach us how life could survive on other planets. And all that exist at depths and pressures that would crush a human being.

It takes cutting edge technology, coordination, and a daring spirit, but the payoff is being part of the exploration of Earth’s last frontier. Come with us as we shed some light on what’s being found in the deepest ocean. Let’s get started!