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Introduction - The Ocean We love

We love the ocean and we know you do too. Join Symone Johnson as she gives us a ninety second tour of our Earth Day collection.


As you celebrate Earth Day, don't overlook what covers the largest part of the planet. Its where all life began, and its stil full of life today. The Ocean.

There's actually a lot you can do to continue to be a good home for the animals we love and the seafood we enjoy.

This month, Ocean Today brings you some of our favorite collections to help you understand why the ocean is so important, and what we need to do, to protect it.

In our Deep Sea Dive collection, tag along with scientists as they make new discoveries in the deep, dark, sea.

In Coral Comeback? experience the danger these incredible are in, and learn what scientists are doing to rescue them.

In our award winning TRASH TALK collection, find out what we are putting into the ocean, from chemicals to household trash, and what you can do to cut down the flow.

In The Remarkable Horseshoe Crab learn some ways you can get involved with citizen science to help us better understand the ocean and its life.

We hope you discover a new appreciation for our amazing ocean, from the deepest sea to the surface. Then you can share it with the people you know, and me. Together we can help protect the ocean we love.

Let’s get started!