Explore With Us (Part 3)

Anyone with a computer connection can join us live on many of our expeditions. State of the art technology brings the adventure to your desktop or classroom. Learn how you can explore with us!


When I first started as a maritime archaeologist, you would go out in a boat, you would take a look at a spot on the land and another spot, and if they lined up right, you’d figure you were more or less over a shipwreck that you plotted, you’d jump into the water, you’d swim down, and there it would be. And you might share that with the other diver that was with you.

But these days, increasingly we’re using new technology, satellites that tell you exactly where you are on the surface, robots, highly sophisticated cameras, the internet, to broadcast what we do to a global audience so that you, the visitor, the person that’s looking on can participate in discovery, exploration, and most recently, even the excavation of a shipwreck in some cases thousands of feet deep.