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Introduction to Ocean Farming Series

Learn what "The Future of Ocean Farming" collection is all about with Ocean Today's Symone Johnson.


Every day at stores, warehouses and markets like this one, trucks arrive with millions of pounds of seafood for sale. But you might be surprised to learn that much of this has traveled around the world to get here.

In the U.S. we import around ninety percent of our seafood, which means that most of the fish and shellfish on your plate is coming from a different country.

But what if we could provide more seafood by farming it here in the U.S.?

The US has one of the most effective wild fish management systems in the world, but wild caught fish and shellfish alone can not meet our current and growing demand for seafood.

That’s why ocean farming, also called aquaculture, is so important.

Aquaculture, much like agriculture, can be done many different ways and can grow many different types of species - everything from shellfish and fish to sea vegetables like sugar kelp. It can also create jobs for farmers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. All that, and provide healthy and reliable food for today and the future.

And around the country innovators are improving and reimagining ocean farming to make aquaculture even better.

And that’s not a fish tale. Let’s get started!