Introduction - Ocean Exploration and Bioluminescence

Dive into the world of ocean exploration and bioluminescence and watch the videos below.


The ocean covers two-thirds of our planet but we know more about Mars than the deep seas. What mysteries await scientists who dare to dive deep? Remotely operated submarines called ROVs and underwater cameras capture images of some of the strangest and most fantastic creatures on Earth. Why is it important for us to explore the ocean? What are scientists learning about ocean animals that generate their own light?

Every full moon, Ocean Today explores something new and remarkable about our ocean. This month we learn about bioluminescence from scientists who are trying to figure out why so many ocean creatures use light to attract mates, find food and protect themselves..

Our first stop is off the coast of Hawaii, aboard NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer, where a deep ocean ROV captures live video of some of the wildest and weirdest creatures on earth. Let’s get started!