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North American Marine Protected Areas Network


A thing on its own doesn’t have much influence.

But combined with others – that’s when we get strength in numbers.

A number of very special places dot the coastline of North America.

These places are part of a growing network of Marine Protected Areas - like parks on land - but in the ocean.

These places are protected from certain human activities, allowing plants and animals to thrive.

The benefits of these protected places extend beyond their boundaries; rich marine life spills out into neighbouring areas too.

Leaving these areas in their natural state contributes millions of dollars to the economy each year, and provides a way of life for many North Americans by supporting fisheries, recreation and science.

Marine protected areas are so valuable, that Canada, the United States and Mexico are working together to protected more of these special places.

They’re working to strengthen this network for present and future generations.

Support North America’s Marine Protected Areas.