Cool Careers: She's a Hurricane Scientist
(1-Minute Watch)


The most fascinating thing about hurricanes, to me, is how the atmosphere and ocean work together to form these massive storms that can cause such great destruction. What got me interested in hurricanes was 1999 Hurricane Floyd, powerful enough to actually knock a tree down, which actually fell on top of my room.

As a hurricane scientist, I get to be involved in hurricane observing systems that go straight into these hurricanes. So whether it be aircraft remote sensing, drones, or even some sort of radar system, what is the cutting edge science that we can adopt to check out what's happening? Collect data so we can use that to better understand the hurricane itself, but also better our hurricane predictions and forecasts.

Never give up on your dreams, and especially for young girls in science, you are smart, just keep going. You belong in the STEM fields.