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Marine Sanctuaries


NARRATOR (child):
What are we doing to save the whales? How are we protecting dolphins? Can we keep the ocean safe to swim in?

How much do you appreciate what the ocean has to offer? What will you do to see that it endures for your children?

On behalf of the American people, NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary System is working to preserve underwater treasures in 14 special places. From American Samoa in the Pacific Ocean to the coast of Massachusetts off the Atlantic seaboard, including marine sanctuaries in the Gulf of Mexico, and along the West Coast.

The ocean supports all life. But its health is in danger. It needs our help now more than ever. As a leader in marine conservation, the National Marine Sanctuary System has made important strides in ocean protection and awareness. Yet there is still much to be done.

Your sanctuary system helped establish the largest network of marine reserves in the continental United States. This network expands the protected areas within the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, creating a haven where marine life can thrive.

The ocean. It covers 70 percent of the planet, yet it’s the least explored place on Earth. We’ve only begun to glimpse the mysteries of this vast realm. But we do know this. We have only one ocean, and it’s in trouble.

Together, the National Marine Sanctuary System, our partners, and the American people can make a difference. We will find solutions.

What we do today will determine the ocean our children inherit tomorrow.