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Endangered Species Day



Every year in May, the US celebrates Endangered Species Day. It’s a day to learn about plants and animals that are at risk and to participate in local conservation efforts. And it’s a day to recognize and support national efforts to protect our endangered species and their habitats.

Endangered Species Day of 1973 is one of our most effective conservation laws in the United States. Using science-based management plans, it has prevented the extinction of 99% of the species it protects. 

Today, Endangered Species Day protects over 2,140 listed species.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA continue to develop new technologies and management approaches to ensure the ESA remains effective and that endangered species populations can rebound and their habitats can recover.

But endangered species also need your help.

This May join friends and neighbors in your community to learn about everyday actions you can take to help protect our most vulnerable wildlife for generations to come.